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"Your voice is magnificent and unbelievable. I am inspired."

*”Fantastic, your voice is so peaceful and calming. I completely forgot about my day and was immersed with listening to your voice. Thank You!”

*”Unbelievable performance. That was great!”

*”You have an incredible voice.”

*”Susyn has a similar vocal tone as Celine Dion. I am in love with her voice. Her voice is so open and pure.”

* "Your songs have really touched my heart. You have me crying knowing your song, "Your Loving Ways", is in memory of your mom, who can be very proud of you."

* "Your song and dedication to your mom, as well as all those who have lost loved ones is so uplifting and inspiring. I know your mom would be very proud. Great job!

* "What a touching song. Really moving and a fantastic voice. This song enriches my life. Thank you!

* I loooooooove this song!!! I am so excited for you!!! You sound amazing. Everybody I share the song with says you sound a bit like Celine Dion. I am so proud of you!!!

* "Wow! Amazing song, beautiful voice and incredible harmonies!"

* “This song is a vocal masterpiece. The depth of your emotion is so moving and touching. Thank you for this song.”

*”Come Out, Come Out “, is so inspiring and encouraging. Thank you for writing such a positive feel great song.”


"Thank you everybody for your kind words. I appreciate you!" -Susyn

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